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Quite a few people are not aware of their rights, at the T.L.R.C. we are only here to inform you that there is more to the First Amendment then you have been led to believe: 

The first amendment of the uNITED States constitution says in part:

“Congress shall make no law respecting... the right of the people to... petition the government for a redress of grievance.”

The supreme Court of the uNITED STATES agree:

"The ability to place a lien upon a man’s property, such as to temporarily deprive him of its beneficial use, without any judicial determination of probable cause dates back not only to medieval England but also to Roman times." United States Supreme Court, 1968, Sniadach v. Family Finance Corp., 395 U.S. 337, 349

Supported by the California Supreme Court, 1971, Randone v. Appellate Department, 5 C3d 536, 96 Cal Rptr 709 and 488 P2d


State of Idaho v. Horiuchi

... towards the gen- eral government. . . . If [the people's] rights are invaded by either, they can make use of the other as the instrument of redress. Page 3. ...

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Request to terminate UCC




Reconsideration attempt


Jury Trial Demand


Letter to opposition attorney


Motion to Disqualification Judge


Change of venue request


Scanned Documents




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 Jury trial demand it is our right




Brent Jones

P.O. BOX 343

Schenectady, New York, 12301


                        In the uNited States District Court

                        In and for the State of California


Brett Randoff Toriano Keeffe Henry Kana-Shaphel Hithrappes Jones-Theophilus, aka Brent Jones aka Brent O. Jones aka Brett Jones Theophilius, Brett Jones-Theophilius, aka Keeffe T. Branch, Keefe T. Branch, aka Keith Branch, aka K.T. Branch, aka B.J. UCC 1-207











Case No.: CV-06-2725-TJH


1ST , 5Th, 6Th, 7th, 8Th, 9Th,

& 10th Amendment Demand


Affidavit Of TRUTH

Petition for REDRESS (correction of

wrongs) Statute of limitation issue

resolved. Jury trial demanded



                 As to whether or not I have acted in good faith (Being convicted felon that I am), let’s say with some leading authorities would say:


                        We hold these truths to be self evident “That all men are created equal”, the so called founding fathers didn’t make those words up, for at acts 10:34, 35 “Jehovah is not partial... in every nation the

man.. is acceptable to him”. It is uniquely nice to know that our founding fathers recognized the sovereignty of every man, and as a sovereign citizen of the uNITED States, the constitution makes it against the law, a criminal act to harm a sovereign citizen.


                     This is a matter of commerce, failure to act, breach of contract, failure to perform, failure to fulfill obligation, failure to provide, failure to negotiate, failure of good faith, violation of constitutionally secure rights, of ( the first, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, and tenth amendment), as well as title eighteen of the criminal code of the united states constitutional amendments (U.S.C.A.), and lastly other Federal and state laws that is cognizable by every other state in the union.


                  Please keep in mind that the uniform commercial code is recognized by every government throughout the world who engage in any means of commerce among and between other nations. It is under these rules that the U.N. is able to sanction commerce between nations it. 


                 However it is the first amendment right of every citizen “to petition the government for a redress of grievances”, that is the most secure

of all rights and can never be denied “Congress shall make no law”. No judge, no horse, no tree, no building, no book, no man, no law exists that can take


away this right.


                  In the state of California there’s no statute of limitations for murder which is alleged here, a felony.


                  In the state of California there’s no statute of limitations for an on-going conspiracy which is alleged here, a felony.


                  By the way the plaintiffs have filed with the government their petition for redress of GRIEVENCE (a civil lawsuit) asking the government to correct the wrongs they allege having been done them. If the court allows the suit to proceed they can not under law of due process and equal protection invalidate in any form, fashion, or way the respondents petitioning of the government through uniform commercial code his redress of grievance.


                 I request and demand a Jury Trial as well as for the court to issue any and all remedies in addition to the aforementioned to affect justice.


                         Certificate of mailing                                                                                                  


                         The aforementioned is true and correct and a copy of the aforementioned has been mailed via U.S. postal service to:



uNITED States Federal District Court

312 N. Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012



8515 E. Orchard Road

Greenwood Village, CO 80111


                 The aforementioned is true and correct and submitted by the CLAIMANT

                               Signed: ________________________ Dated:  08/01/06

                                       Brent Jones






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